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Tasha is wonderful and very down to earth! She listens to your concerns and addresses them with care for you as a person not as dollar signs. I am very happy to have found her to help me in my health care journey!

Dena P

Camp Point, IL

If you are looking for a provider that LISTENS to you and wants to get to the root of why...without pharmaceuticals..this is the place! Tasha provides natural ways (bio identical hormone replacement

Andrea Velle

Quincy, IL

Fake name real person....... Great service all I had to do was pay a low fee and sign a release for my previous medical issues that I claimed for medical use within a couple weeks I had my card great customer service made entire process easy I tell everyone I know to come here if medical is a good for them it's helped me and this place is where to go

Bill N.

Quincy, IL

Tasha is the first provider in YEARS that took the time to really listen to me and actually dig a little deeper. She changed a medication that no one else had for 15+ years. I originally connected with her at a different practice and was so disappointed when she left. When I discovered Tasha had opened her own practice, it was a given that I would establish care with her, even though I live an over an hour away! The great thing is phone calls and tele-health visits are options for some issues. If you are struggling with thyroid issues, and all of the side effects that come with it, I highly recommend you give Vallee Health Repair a chance!

Jenny L.

Moberly, MO
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