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Hormone Replacement

Sex Hormone & Thyroid Consultation

Male HRT Treatment Options

Inclusive Programs

  • These do not include maintaining endogenous testosterone production, amino acids, growth hormone, peptides, supplements or additional labs outside of every 12 week follow up labs.
  • Acute visits for simple illnesses are a courtesy and available upon request for no additional charge. (Additional treatment or testing, labs, injections, antibiotics or procedures are charged at cost). Keep in mind, not ALL acute illnesses can be addressed so please inquire as needed. 
  • Additional products and services will be discussed on a case by case basis with pricing listed prior to dispensing or ordering the medication/service.
  • Additional services, for example weight loss or thyroid, are additional cost.

Exogenous Testosterone Replacement Male

Other testosterone blends or oral replacement: Pricing will be determined at time of ordering from the pharmacy.

Fertility/ Endogenous Testosterone

Endogenous Testosterone Enhancement or Maintenance Therapy: These products are used to stimulate endogenous (your body’s own production) of testosterone. Many men report a higher sense of wellbeing, uplifted mood and larger penis girth while on these in conjunction with testosterone therapy. These products are used to prevent testicular shrinking and helps maintain fertility during testosterone therapy as well. Some of these options can be used alone (without testosterone) for men who wish to enhance fertility. Options include clomiphene, enclomiphene, gonadorelin and human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG).

A 3 month trial of Testosterone Replacement is Recommended

In 2-4 weeks improved focus and concentration and general uplifted mood

In 6-8 weeks decreased weight, more energy, sexual performance changes, starting to build muscle mass

In 8-12 weeks overall consistent improvement in daily function and sense of well being that will persist for the duration of therapy.