Medical Cannabis

Try an Alternative Pain Treatment and Learn About the Benefits of Medical Cannabis

Visit our clinic in Quincy, IL to find out if you qualify for medical cannabis

Vallee Health Repair LLC is made up of a team of health professionals that believe in the medical benefits of cannabis. We are aware that many people do not know where to start with their cannabis journey, so we’re here to help direct you. We keep up-to-date with all relevant state laws regarding medical cannabis. If you’d like to learn more about this alternative treatment option, contact us today. We’re located in Quincy, IL.


We ask that your records be requested or obtained prior to the consultation appointment in order to make the most of your visit. You can complete a release of information online or in person for Vallee Health Repair and we will request the records for you. Or you can also go to your health provider to sign a release. The State of Illinois requests a minimum of 12 months of records be reviewed.

  • Initial One Hour Consultation

    The initial consultation includes a history and physical exam. In addition, we will go through your previous and current treatments for your medical condition and discuss additional recommendations. This visit is more than just a medical cannibas consultation, it includes health and wellness counseling as well as specific treatment options tailored to you and your health goals.

  • Medical Cannibas Qualification

    If you qualify and wish to proceed with a medical card from the State of Illinois, we can initiate this process during your visit. In order to complete the process. Once established as a patient, you are provided unlimited follow up visits with provider Tasha Vallee, FNP-BC to review and modify your progress using CBD or Medical Cannibas. You do not have to use Medical Cannibas to be a patient. There are many treatment options with CBD alone. These visits are limited to only your qualifying health condition discussed in the initial visit and the symptoms related to such condition. It is expected that open and honest communication be had by both parties to establish goals for treatment. It will be requested that you complete a dosing journal so that we may adjust your individual treatment plan for optimal relief.


That this is not guaranteed.

Once meeting criteria for medical cannibas qualification, the provisional card can be obtained in as little as 90 minutes!  (This cannot be guaranteed)