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Tasha Vallee, FNP-BC, FPA

I am an experienced compassionate certified family nurse practitioner with full practice authority in Illinois. I have practiced in rural family practice, urgent care, and complementary medicine clinics for 10 years in the tri-state area. I integrate traditional medicine with holistic care to improve your quality of life and meet your treatment goals. I want to support you in taking control of your health and improve your level of functioning in day to day life. I have lived in Quincy, IL with my husband and children since 2013 and enjoy being a part of the community.
Physical Health Treatment
Bio Identical Hormone Replacement

Experience and Professionalism

Tasha Vallee is graduate of Saint Louis University of Saint Louis, Missouri. She has acquired additional education and experience in bioidentical hormone optimization, obesity management, weight loss, and pain management with complementary therapies. She is a member of the Obesity Medicine Association with her certification pending October of 2022. A consistent experience Tasha has endured as a provider and patient in the current medical system is the shortfalls and complexity of the traditional medical care system. While she wholeheartedly believes traditional medicine and pharmaceuticals have their place in one living their best life, she also believes complementary health services are essential to enhancing the Quality of our years. Tasha aims to provide service in a way that is individualized to your needs and goals while also aiming to work with your traditional health care provider.

Summa Cum Laude

The Board Certified Family Nurse Practitioner

Age is not just about longevity. It's about the vigor and vitality in those remaining years.