But My Doctor Said My “T” Level Was “Fine”…

You do not “NEED” a testosterone over 300. It is accepted among the medical community that a testosterone level over 300 is not medically necessary. However, you may still have symptoms at that level. Traditional medical insurance will not pay for you to “feel” the way you should. They will pay for your numbers to be at the level the guidelines say you should be “okay” at. For this reason my services are elective. I treat the patient, not the numbers.

Could you live a healthy life without a testosterone above 300? Absolutely.
Will you feel amazing in that healthy life? Maybe. Maybe not.
Feeling good is more than just numbers. Nutrition, exercise and hormones all have to work together to make you feel your best. If you are putting everything you have into nutrition and exercise and not feeling the way you think you should, then reach out for an evaluation! It’s my personal opinion that I don’t need to live to be 100 years old if I’m going to be miserable for the last 30 years of it. Quality of life is important! It’s what keeps us going and motivates us to do more, see more, be more and contribute to our families and friends. I have had patients tell me that treatment has saved their relationships and saved their lives both physically and mentally. It has re-ignited that drive for life that we all need and enjoy! So, medically, no, it’s not “necessary”, however for MY life, it is necessary in order to live my best life!

Although elective, all treatment has risks and benefits and will be evaluated and discussed on a case by case basis.