The Benefits of IV Therapy

Body Boosters

Are you taking vitamins and other supplements to boost your body’s overall wellness and good health? So many of us are because we realize that we may be lacking in nutrients or micronutrients needed for us to function optimally. Even when we’re taking all the “right” supplements, it can feel like they’re not working as well as you thought they would, or that they’re not working as quickly as you’d like. Enter IV therapy.

IV therapy is used in mainstream medicine to treat dehydration and administer medication, pain relief, or nutritional support in a hospital or clinical setting. It’s actually the most commonly administered invasive procedure used to help patients. In an integrative health clinic, IV therapy is used to administer vitamins, nutrients, and sometimes medications to provide you with a health boost, treatment for migraines or pain, or to boost your immune system.

Why IV Therapy?

The primary benefit of using IV therapy is that the boosters used in your IV go directly into your bloodstream. They bypass the breakdown and absorption process of the gastrointestinal tract. Nearly 100% of that which is administered is available for your body to absorb and use as it needs to most effectively maintain homeostasis, or the internal balance your body needs to function at its best. Your IV can also be customized to your specific needs through add-on supplements or medications.

Benefits to You

IV therapy may be an effective in supporting a wide variety of ailments and it supports vitamin or other deficiencies you might have. IV therapy may help with:

·       Dehydration 

·       Athletic performance recovery

·       Recovery after an illness

·       Heat exhaustion

·       Enhancing your energy level and feeling of overall well-being

·       Helping with hangovers or jet lag

·       As an anti-aging/beauty treatment

IV therapy is available to help with chronic illnesses, as well. It’s shown some efficacy in treating conditions like fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue.

What a Treatment Entails

Most of us have experienced having an IV put in at some point in our lives. It’s a quick procedure in which the IV is inserted into your hand, wrist, or, usually, your arm. It takes between 45 minutes and an hour to administer all the IV solution. Once the solution is administered, the IV will be removed and you can go out to face the world refreshed and reenergized.

What IV Therapies are Available?

Vallee Health Repair in Quincy, IL provides a myriad of IV Therapy solutions so we can most effectively support your good health. Some of the options we offer are:

  • Cootie Catcher, an immune booster
  • Pain/Migraine reliever
  • Hangover/Recovery
  • Performance Recovery
  • Beauty Blend

Call Us to Feel Your Best!

Vallee Health Repair is a professional medical services provider. Our clinician, Tasha Vallee, FNP-BC, FPA, Board-Certified Family Nurse Practitioner, uses a combination of traditional and complementary medicine to help you achieve and maintain long-lasting vibrancy and health. She is committed to providing comprehensive, compassionate care and uses a wide variety of treatments to do that.

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Disclaimer: The information contained here was not written by a medical doctor and is intended for informational purposes only. This is not a substitute for medical advice.