The Benefits of Using a Compounding Pharmacy

Treating What Ails You

“I have to pick up a prescription.” How many times have we had that thought and internally groaned about the process that lies ahead? When we think about getting a prescription, most of us assume that we’re going to a chain or big box store pharmacy, where we’ll wait in line with at least several other people, standing under glaring fluorescent lights until it’s our turn to pick up whatever the doctor has ordered. We’ll wait, patiently or impatiently, while the pharmacist tries to explain to someone ahead of us that their insurance won’t cover what their doctor has ordered, that their copay is higher than expected, or innumerable other things that might have happened to make their prescription pick-up more difficult than anticipated. While we’re standing there waiting, we might wonder to ourselves whether there’s any other way to get the medications or supplements that support our health.

The Differences Between Pharmacies

There are different kinds of pharmacies.  A retail pharmacy is where doctors who practice traditional western medicine send prescriptions. Those medications are prescribed in set, standard dosages and prepared by companies outside of the pharmacy itself. Your doctor doesn’t have any flexibility in prescribing slightly more or slightly less of something. If a medication comes in 50, 100, and 150 mg doses, your doctor has to prescribe that medication in one of those strengths. A standard retail pharmacy also doesn’t have the ability to dispense a medication in any format aside from a standard format.

A compounding pharmacy has broader capabilities than that. They can create a pharmaceutical based on your doctor’s precise recommendations, developed after a thorough medical work-up. These prescriptions will meet your specific needs instead of being a one-size-fits-all treatment.

How Does A Compounding Pharmacy Work?

Compounding pharmacies create medications or supplements based on your specific needs. Your medical practitioner can prescribe a specialized combination of hormones, peptides, or other appropriate therapies based on the results of your lab work and physical examination. A compounding pharmacy creates exactly what the doctor orders and exactly what you need.

Compounded medications are available in various formulations, including:

  • Topically applied medications like ointments or creams
  • Pills or capsules
  • Liquids or syrups
  • Powders

Compounding pharmacies are also unique in that they can create medications that are hard to find.

Of course, it is crucial to work with a compounding pharmacy that adheres to the highest standards of sterilization of equipment and work practices.

What Does Vallee Health Repair Do?

Vallee Health Repair, LLC uses your specific health needs to prescribe supplements or medications. Using a combination of traditional medical training and extended education in complementary medical treatments, Tasha Vallee, FNP-BC, FPA, Board-Certified Family Nurse Practitioner, uses a compounding pharmacy to create combinations of hormones, peptides, and/or supplements that support your unique body chemistry. This allows her to prescribe exactly what your body needs instead of using a one-size-fits-all treatment protocol.

Tasha and Vallee Health Repair are located in Quincy, IL and can be reached at (217) 577-2992 or Make an appointment today to get the individualized care you need without the extraneous additives you don’t.

Disclaimer: The information contained here was not written by a medical doctor and is intended for informational purposes only. This is not a substitute for medical advice.