Low Dose Naltrexone

Woman experiencing nerve pain

The Best Laid Plans When we imagine our lives, we usually imagine ourselves being active and engaged in that which brings us joy. There’s much to look forward to: a walk on a beautiful day, a spirited conversation with someone who energizes us, a good night’s sleep that replenishes our body and nourishes our well-being. […]


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Amino Acid Jubilee Amino acids. We hear the words regularly because they’re used to highlight certain food items. Amino acids are also talked about in fitness or body building circles as though they’re highly important. They’re talked about as being important because they are. When put simply, amino acids are critical to our body’s ability […]

Vitamin D

Vitamin D deficiency

Sunshine and More You may recall lyrics from Katrina and the Waves were talking about walking on sunshine because they were in love but walking in sunshine can give you an equally important boost! Most of us are aware by now that light from that gorgeous yellow orb increases our vitamin D level which benefits […]


Image of Oregon Grapes, a source of Berberine

It’s Been Around a Long Time All that’s old is new again, even in the world of wellness. Berberine, for example, has been used in traditional Chinese medicine practices that date back thousands of years. Its efficacy has been studied repeatedly in recent years to confirm what the ancients already knew: Berberine is a highly […]

The Benefits of IV Therapy

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Body Boosters Are you taking vitamins and other supplements to boost your body’s overall wellness and good health? So many of us are because we realize that we may be lacking in nutrients or micronutrients needed for us to function optimally. Even when we’re taking all the “right” supplements, it can feel like they’re not […]

Peptides and Their Benefits

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An Important Part of Health and Wellness Focusing on health is one of the most frequently made New Year’s resolutions. From weight loss to eating more healthily to regular exercise, we vow to begin a new journey to wellness as the new year begins. Each of those resolutions has value and can improve our overall […]

Insulin Resistance

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Your Body Type Women are told to dress for their body type, two of which are apple or pear. Pear-shaped bodies are larger through the hips while apple-shaped bodies are larger through the abdomen. Men can dress however they please and are told to celebrate their “dad bods”. Whether you’re an apple-shaped woman or a […]

Why Develop a Relationship with Vallee Health Repair?

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The Good Old Days Remember when kids could ride their bikes for hours under the summer sun, roaming neighborhoods and meeting wherever the hang-out house was? Or when families enjoyed a Sunday dinner? How about when you went to see the doctor and they spent the time you needed to answer all your questions? We […]

Men – Do You Need Testosterone?

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What Once Was “I’m not quite the man I used to be.” Such a familiar expression, echoed by Fine Young Cannibals, Mr. T, and countless others, both noted and anonymous. For some men, it’s a philosophical look at how life has changed them from a rebellious antihero to a stalwart man, or from an innocent […]

The Benefits of Using a Compounding Pharmacy

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Treating What Ails You “I have to pick up a prescription.” How many times have we had that thought and internally groaned about the process that lies ahead? When we think about getting a prescription, most of us assume that we’re going to a chain or big box store pharmacy, where we’ll wait in line […]